May 302009

Remember the study of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) a few years ago that was halted when researchers found that it caused an increased number of breast cancers?  Turns out that wasn’t the only cancer impacted by HRT.  Researchers following participants in the study have found lung cancer is more deadly for women who /took HRT.

There’s more troubling news about hormone therapy for menopause symptoms: Lung cancer seems more likely to prove fatal in women who are taking estrogen-progestin pills, a study suggests.

Hormone users who developed lung cancer were more than twice as likely to die from the disease as women who weren’t taking hormones, according to results reported Saturday.


“It’s another piece of evidence to suggest that hormone replacement therapy should be used with great caution,” said Dr. Richard Schilsky, a cancer specialist at the University of Chicago and president of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

I have a better idea.  How about we take these death pills off the market and prosecute the pharmaceutical companies that have raked in the profits at the expense of women’s lives.

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