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The International Mothers Network (IMN) is the first ever, global consortium of motherhood organizations.  There are currently over 50 mothering organizations taking part.

The initial goal of the IMN is to invite mother organizations from around the world to join this network; in particular,  progressive mothers groups – mothers from the global south, mothers in poverty, mothers with disabilities, welfare mothers, grandmother caregivers and others.

Our hope is that the network will lead to a more mother-centred world by bringing together diverse mother groups to work toward influencing public discussion as well as exploring alternate economic and societal structures. The IMN will provide a sense of community, promote public awareness and affect change.

Initial projects of the IMN include: a quarterly newsletter and a calendar of events on this site, Mother’s Day Action for Month of May and a triennial conference.

We will officially launch the IMN on International Woman’s Day (March 8, 2009) in cities around the world.

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