Feb 272009

Those of you who teach or have children may find this International Women’s Day teaching guide to be of use.  It includes the usual sorts of exercises–fill in the missing word, word scrambles, multiple choice as well as a suggested survey and essay assignment.  Try these sentence scrambles (the answers are on the website in case they defeat you!)

1. a    conditions    campaign    It    for    began    better    as    working
2. the    knows    date    for    changed    sure    No    why    one
3. started    women    streets    York’s    New    in    marches    annual
4. Since    spread    then    around    ,    the    IWD    world    has
5. in    right    things    moving    the    direction    are
6. official    an    is    IWD    countries    many    in    holiday
7. and  flowers  give  men  lives  their  in  women  the  to  gifts  other
8. powerful    business    are    more    in    women    becoming
9. a    nations    with    leaders    dozen    today    women
10. face    inequality    of    still    the    millions    women
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