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From The International News:

Statistics in an annual report reveal that a total of 7,733 incidents of violence against women were reported between January and December 2008, with the highest number of cases (4,360) occurring in Punjab.

The data forms part of a detailed report on ‘Situation of Violence Against Women in Pakistan’, launched by Aurat Foundation at a press conference here on Tuesday.
“In the long run, this data will provide policy and law reform inputs to federal and provincial governments, political parties and legislatures through consultative processes on developing policy framework and institutional mechanisms for ending violence against women,” said Shazia Perveen of Aurat Foundation.

She said out of the total incidents, 4,360 cases were reported in Punjab, 1,385 in Sindh, 1,013 in NWFP, 763 in Balochistan and 212 in Islamabad. “Among these cases, 73.53 per cent were registered with police while 19.09 per cent were not registered, with no evidence found in media regarding the registration status of the remaining 7.38 per cent of cases.”

Shazia said the percentage of abduction cases is the highest i.e. 22.79 per cent (1,762) of the total cases, followed by murder of women (1,516), hurt and body injury (844), suicide (579) and honour killing (472).

Mentioning some other statistics, she said 439 cases of rape and 307 cases of gang rape were reported last year whereas 25 incidents of ‘Vani’/customary practices also made headlines in the media in the span of these 12 months.

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