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For International Women’s Day 2009, the Together in Courage Committee 2009 invites you to an International Women’s Day evening celebration, “Leaders Among Us,” on Sunday, March 8, at 7:00 p.m. in the Georgian Room of the Charlottetown Hotel.

Join us to help celebrate Island women champions in the arts, with a panel discussion moderated by Laurie Brinklow, guest performances by Karen vocalists from Burma, Htoo K’mu and Eh B, and a reception to follow.

Panelists for the discussion:

  • Teresa Doyle
  • Donnalee Downe
  • Vian Emery
  • Jane Ledwell
  • JoDee Samuelson
  • Julia Sauvé
  • Sylvie Toupin

Cynthia Dunsford, MLA, will be the guest em-cee for the event.


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Feb 272009

Those of you who teach or have children may find this International Women’s Day teaching guide to be of use.  It includes the usual sorts of exercises–fill in the missing word, word scrambles, multiple choice as well as a suggested survey and essay assignment.  Try these sentence scrambles (the answers are on the website in case they defeat you!)

1. a    conditions    campaign    It    for    began    better    as    working
2. the    knows    date    for    changed    sure    No    why    one
3. started    women    streets    York’s    New    in    marches    annual
4. Since    spread    then    around    ,    the    IWD    world    has
5. in    right    things    moving    the    direction    are
6. official    an    is    IWD    countries    many    in    holiday
7. and  flowers  give  men  lives  their  in  women  the  to  gifts  other
8. powerful    business    are    more    in    women    becoming
9. a    nations    with    leaders    dozen    today    women
10. face    inequality    of    still    the    millions    women
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Feb 272009

The Women’s International Network of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC-WIN) will have the Fifth March 8 International Broadcast Campaign to mark the 2009 International Women’s Day. The theme of this year is “What do the global crises (financial crisis, food crisis, and environmental crisis) mean to women in local communities?

We are well aware that the worsening global financial crisis has greatly affected people in the financial sector including those working on Wall Street, the big banks, the stock exchange. We also understand that global food prices rose 83% over the last three years and the Food and Agriculture Organization says there has been a 45% increase in the world food price index between 2007 and 2008. Likewise, we know that climate change and environmental degradation aggravate the global food crisis which has resulted in food riots in some less developed countries.

However, we want to know how these global crises are affecting women in local communities both in the Global South and Global North. Equally important, what actions are women taking to mitigate the impacts of the crisis? How are they advocating to hold those responsible for the crises accountable? What safety nets are they demanding to be put in place for grassroots and marginalized groups?

We hope that this broadcast campaign will substantively contribute to the discussion on these issues and in identifying practical as well as long-term solutions.

Below you will find the schedule of the broadcast. Please consider streaming some of the March 8 broadcast on your community radio station. You may also download and broadcast individual programs.

Asia-Pacific/Kathmandu : 1:00-8:30 GMT = 6:45-14:15 local time
Middle-East/Amman : 8:30-8:48 GMT = 7:00-7:18 local time
Africa/Johannesburg : 8:48-13:57 GMT = 10:48-15:57 local time
Europe/Rome : 13:57-16:03 GMT = 14:57-17:03 local time
Latin America/Buenos Aires : 16:03-18:29 GMT = 13:03-15:29 local time
North America/Montreal : 18:29-2:51 GMT = 13:29-21:51 local time

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Feb 272009

For more information and to register for this fantastic event,  click here:

Cyberellas are IT!

The European Commission Shadowing Conference
3 March 2009, Brussels

In the present economic environment encouraging women to choose a scientific career will not only benefit them but also the economy in general and act as a multiplying growth factor.  There is a big pool of unused potential out there!

On 3 March, the European Commission will receive a signed Code for Best Practices for Women in ICT by some of the major actors in the ICT sector.  The Code provides for practices which aim not only to attract women in ICT but also to keep them in the sector and help them reach their full potential.

The signing of the Code for Best Practices is embedded in a much broader initiative to raise awareness about the ICT sector and make visible job opportunities.  The event is part of an one day Conference (Cyberellas are IT!).  In the Conference, there will be a presentation of the Shadowing 2008 initiative.  At the same time, the first version of the Code will be open for a wider consultation.

The Conference “Cyberellas are IT!” will take place on 3 March 2009 to celebrate International Women’s Day.  The conference will combine the presentation of the Shadowing 2008 and the handing in of the Code.

The Conference will take place in the Breydel building from 9:00 to 17:45 whilst the signing of the Code will be by invitation only in the VIP corner in the Berlaymont.  Commissioner Reding will open the Conference and the representatives of the Industry Group participants will hand her the Code.

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Feb 272009

From The Times Of India:

Six women, including film producer and wife of matinee idol Rajkumar, Parvathamma Rajkumar will be awarded on March 8 on the occasion of International Women’s Day.Women and child welfare minister P M Narendra Swamy on Wednesday said Parvathamma will be honoured for her contribution to women’s empowerment. T J Niveditha from Bangalore, Sujathamma from Bellary and Srividya Muralidhar from Madikeri will be honoured for their contribution to art. Prema Bhat and Sarojini Chavalara (literature), Basalingamma Gundappa Kumbara from Bijapur (education) and J Manjushree (sports) will be the other awardees.

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