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A huge congragulations to Code Pink for being named by The Nation as the Most Valuable Progressive Organization of the Bush-Cheney era, an honor much deserved.  As their email announcement says,

Four years ago, CODEPINK founders spent inauguration night in a miserable jail call, charged with disorderly conduct for unfurling a “Stop the War” banner during the ceremony. This year, instead of handcuffs, we got front row seats–and hugs and kisses from the crowd as we unfurled peace banners, danced the can-can while singing “Yes we can-can end war” and handed out thousands of pink ribbons calling on President Obama to keep his peace promises.

As The Washington Times noted, “You know things have changed in Washington when CODEPINK gets seats up front at the inauguration.” You know things have changed when Army Chief of Staff General Casey enthusiastically let us tie a Promises for Peace ribbon on his wrist and pledged to join us in working for peace.

Wow, a girl could get used to that! As Code Pink points out however, President Obama made a number of promises regarding peace issues during the campaign, including:

  1. End the war in Iraq
  2. Shut Down Guantánamo
  3. Reject the Military Commissions Act
  4. Stop Torture
  5. Work to eliminate nuclear weapons
  6. Hold direct, unconditional talks with Iran.
  7. Abide by Senate approved international treaties.

We join Code Pink in stressing the importance of making sure that President Obama follows through.

 January 23, 2009  Posted by on January 23, 2009

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