Dec 102008

As the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence began, I have to confess that I harbored a fantasy that if we all worked our butts off for 16 days, on the 17th morning, we would wake up living in a world where it is safe to be a woman.  Unfortunately, that is not to be, but it is truly awe-inspriing to know that so many people all over the world are working in so many wonderful ways so that someday that might be possible.  As this period of empowering activism comes to a close, I want to highlight several excellent campaigns.

Kudos to Madre for their 16 Days 16 Entries blogging, highlighting the many ways in which Madre works throughout the world to end violence against women.

The Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter has collaborated witht he Gallery Gachet to create an exhibition called Unmaking The Bed/Flesh Mapping:  Vancouver Markets Pacific Women/  On each of the 16 days they have had a live video feed from the gallery where activists from around the Pacific Rim discuss trafficking and prostitution.

Open Democracy has 16 Days of coverage here.

Take Back The Tech has posted a fabulous speakout video from the AWID 2008 Forum here.  Watch the video and then take part in creating a new video of what women really think about technology, violence against women and women’s rights.

While there is little doubt that instead of retiring to a tropical beach, I’ll be back at my desk tomorrow morning, here is a wonderful graphic from Antigone Magazine’s 2009 Dreams For Women calendar that says it all:

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