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  • Sexual violence as a weapon of war
  • Prenatal sex selection
  • Female genital mutilation/cutting
  • Date rape
  • Bride burning/Dowry-related violence
  • Child marriage
  • Trafficking of girls and women
  • Domestic violence
  • Crimes committed in the name of passion or honor
  • Abductions of adolescent girls during comba
  • Bride kidnapping
  • Sexual harassment at work
  • Physical or emotional violence by an intimate partner
  • Exploitation of domestic workers
  • Femicide
  • Forced sterilization or other coercive reproductive practices

And as awful as that list is, I have one more to add:

  • Breast beating

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  One Response to “Can You Name 16 Forms Of Gender Violence?”

  1. Here are some more forms of male violence against women:

    Prostitution – including imprisoning women and girls into brothels 24/7.
    Lap dancing clubs
    strip clubs
    Female sexual slavery
    Enforced male-centered notions of what supposedly comprises female sexualities
    Unnecessary medical procedures such as removal of uterus and other female reproductive organs.
    Male medical practitioners claiming women’s mental illnesses ‘are in all their heads.’
    Enforced incarceration within mental institutions as a method of keeping women subordinated.
    Films and other forms of media wherein women and girls are constantly subjected to male violence in the name of ‘entertainment.’
    Promoting claim that turning women and girls into men’s and boys’ s sexualised commodities or sex toys is ’empowering to women.’

    Lastly – male violence against women because it is male violence not gender violence which is yet another way of hiding male accountability.

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