Oct 042008

With grateful thanks to my son for this gem:

“These days, Americans need all the protection they can get, especially when they can see horny Russians from their front porch and gay-friendly touchy-feely Canadians from their back yard.”

“If your finding that your encounters with your mate are turning into a “bridge to nowhere,” wear PALIN CONDOMS. Limited edition PALIN CONDOMS are the perfect gift for the sharpshooter or moosehunter of the family.”

And because we know you are wondering, these little fashion statements are:
  • The official condom of all four members of the Alaska State Legslature
  • Not for use with caribou
And best of all,
  • Drill friendly
Be sure to check out the Yes We Can Obama Condoms and the Old But Not Expired McCain Condoms as well!
 October 4, 2008  Posted by on October 4, 2008

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