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As a resident of the lower 48, I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to the wonderful women of Alaska who organized the massive protest against Sarah Palin in Anchorage today,

“The midday protest outside a city library drew a crowd in the high hundreds — perhaps surging past a thousand — from the city’s relatively liberal environs, who seemed very happy to see one another and be reminded that they are not alone.

“The whole thing grew out of frustration,” said Charla Sterne, one of the organizers, who like several people at the rally declined to say where they worked (several said they were state employees and feared retribution). “Last week this was just ten women sitting around talking about this perception that all of Alaska supports Sarah Palin. We apparently hit a nerve and started a movement,” Sterne said.

A sense of festival obtained. There was a woman in a polar bear suit representing “Polar Bear Moms Say: No Palin.” Drivers on 36th Avenue saw a little girl waving a sign “Don’t Ban My Books.” “

Not surprisingly, there were righteous slogans galore, here are a few of my faves:

  • Jesus Was a Community Organizer
  • Palin: Thanks But No Thanks
  • Smearing Alaska’s Good Name One Scandal @ a Time
  • Candidate To Nowhere
  • Rape Kits Should Be Free
  • Barbies for War
  • Sarah Palin: So Far Right She’s Wrong
  • Coat Hangers for McCain
  • Sarah Palin, Undoing 150 Years of American Feminism
  • Hockey Mama For Obama
  • McPalin Out of My Uterus

The organizers have been subjected to threats and harassment, particularly after KBYR talk radio host Eddie Burke let loose this hate-spew on his program,

“They’re a bunch of socialist maggots, that’s what I’m going to call them — socialist maggots, that’s what they are, a bunch of socialist baby-killing maggots.”

“And even though Eddie Burke did not tell his listeners to make threatening calls, according to Anchorage Police Department Lt. Paul Honeman, Burke did instigate the harassment.”

Burke is not facing any type of punishment at this point.”

Perhaps a few emails might change that….

Anchorage Police Department

Anchorage Mayor’s Office

For more pictures of the rally, see here, here, here, here and more video here.

Finally, I am soooo jealous, Women Against Sarah Palin put up a blog asking women to send in their thoughts about Sarah Palin–they have gotten a whopping 120,000 responses! Click the link, let’s make that a million.

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  11 Responses to “Alaskan Women Organize HUGE Anti-Palin Protest (Updated and 2 Action Alerts)”

  1. We need more demonstrations against Sarah Palin. You did a great job now it’s up to us here in the other states to take names and kick ass. McCain in all of this? He is underneath of Sarah’s skirts.

    MY QUOTE FOR THE DAY: “Palin, a Vice President cannot be made out of a sows ear.”

    You can publish anything I say…

  2. As far as the Eddie Burke situation, we would suggest emailing the radio station (even though his boss is apparently backing him up), and also the advertisers that support his show. He may have the right to call people “babykilling maggots”, but we also have the right to let his bosses and his advertisers know how we feel about their support of him.

  3. I am profoundly appalled, offended and terrified.

  4. […] This video is just a lot of honking and screaming but it shows you how many people were there, and some of the signs: […]

  5. I am pleased to see that there are people in Alaska who are not afraid to speak out. I am a grandmother. I am appalled at the image of Palin as a gun-toting mom, carrying shot guns on her shoulder, Pallin dolls with guns on their hips, etc. THIS IS NOT THE IMAGE I WANT FOR MY GRANDDAUGHTER OR FOR ANYONE’S DAUGHTER. I do not want girls to start thinking of taking up guns because it looks cooI. I fear a female imitating Columbine. I don’t know how people in Alaska feel about this but I live in the big city and this is our greatest fear. Were trying to limit access to guns. We fear that NRA gun toting mom will make this impossible.

  6. I have done alot of research and read alot of blogs and it continues to amaze me, how some are feeling sorry for Palin. What I don’t get about this is she has lied and stretched the truth on a continuous basis. Also these have been proven to be lies and distorted truths. In her very first RNC speech(the same speech she has repeated on just about every occasion). she couldn’t get more then a few sentences in without slamming on Obama, but no one started defending Obama or feeling sorry for him. During the interview she did with Gibson, she just blamed others and skipped around the questions to blow her own horn.
    Now granted Obama has distorted facts on two occasions and called on it, but the McCain/Palin ticket has flat out lied and distorted truths on so many occasions that I have lost count. And even when called on it they either dance around it or blame others. I want someone who won’t spend outrageous amount of money to advacate killing our wildlife. Shows sympathy and understanding for rape victims and not charge them for their own forensic kits, lets woman and others make their own choices. Someone who won’t tell me what I can or can not read because it offends them. I want someone who is willing to stand up for the little people of this country and not their own self interests, as been shown time and time again by the McCain/Palin ticket. If anything make the pitbull take off her collar and leash and tell us the truth instead of hiding behind the pants of McCain. I think it would go along way if she would just be honest and answer to the American people for her previous tactics, instead of the lies and BS we have been getting so far, but then again that won’t happen because they have already told so many lies I don’t know if they know what the truth is anymore.

  7. Hey Ladies:
    I dont know how many of you have been following the Troopergate investigation being done on Sarah Palin but five powerful lawyers hired by the McCain’s campaign are now in Alaska and strangely now seven of the witnesses that were going to testify against Sarah Patin have decided not to testify against her.At the same time, the lawyers for Sarah Palin are trying to sue the investigators. Actually, they are biding for time so that the election will take place before she can be investigated. This is ludicrous! This is a cover-up of the worst order. We cannot allow this cover-up. We have to make sure that the eyes of the world stay on this investigation and keep it open and do a thorough investigation. We need to make sure this Sarah Palin is held accountable for ruining people’s lives. We cannot risk this woman getting anywhere near the White House with her treasonous acts. We have to ban together and fight for justice for the one’s in Alaska she has tried destroy through abuse of her power. This has to stop!!! We cannot let these criminals cover this up!!!!!!!

  8. Sarah Palin is a great woman and a great feminist!

    My daughters, me and my mother all think she’s
    great for america and a great roll model.

    Sarah is everything that a Feminist should be.
    Smart, powerful, independant. She made her choices
    and lives by them. What else could a woman want!!!!

    Everything that your mother faught to have in the 60’s is here! A woman in the whitehouse!!!!!

    Go Sarah!

  9. As you can probably tell from my name, I live in alaska. I will not be voting for McCain/Palin. That said, the so called troopergate incident is mostly fabrication. The governor had the right to fire Molegan. Beyond that, Wooten was a terrible cop, state troopers investigated him and found several illegal activities he was involved in as a police officer, including drinking alcohol on the job, using a taser on his stepson, and saying his wife’s father would “eat a fucking bullet” if he helped his daughter obtain legal counsel in the couple’s divorce. A full article about Wooten is available here

  10. It’s all good. What a relief it is to see Americans getting mobilised and protesting against the ‘armageddon ticket’ which is McCain/Palin. Seeing the women of Alaska standing up for true freedom is an added bonus. To begin with, from the point of view of this UK citizen anyway, watching the events and general reaction in America to the unveiling of Palin at the GOP convention was terrifying. It was looking odds on that McCain would sneak it and get the green light to exercise his war plan presidency for a few weeks and I was shitting myself. Europe once again looked like it could be turned into a toxic fall-out zone that had been nuked to oblivion. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen eh people!

    You real Americans deserve better than you have had for the last 50 years. Keep up the struggle for all of our freedom and the survival of the human race!

    It’s in your hands so please think of peace and vote for a better future!


  11. Who is this woman, she can’t give a straight answer to the most simple question? Thinks the middle class is a group of beer drinkers, who fear anyone with a real education, and thinks of themselves as a pitbull. GO HOME!! I am tired of the NASCAR nation running the show. I

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