Aug 282008

According to The Scotsman,

“Only one in 14 reported rapes in Scotland is taken to court, according to new figures that have triggered calls for a national inquiry into why so many cases collapse.

Statistics seen by The Scotsman reveal that 922 rapes were reported to police in 2006-7, but only 65 of the alleged crimes were prosecuted.”

“Of the 65 cases that were prosecuted, 27 ended in a guilty plea or verdict – giving Scotland a 2.9 per cent conviction rate, one of the lowest in Europe.”

“Sandy Brindley, Rape Crisis Scotland co-ordinator, said an independent inquiry was needed to ensure every aspect of the system – from the police to the courts – was no longer failing victims.

She said: “A prosecution figure of 7 per cent for rape is extremely low. What this means is the vast majority of rape cases never make it as far as court. No-one can suggest with any credibility that the vast majority of women reporting rape are lying.

“Rape is a crime which can take a lot of courage to report, and it can come as a shock for women to hear that their case is not being prosecuted.”‘

“Independent MSP Margo MacDonald backed the call for an independent inquiry. “I’m supportive of an independent inquiry,” she said. “Instances of rape, or at least allegations of rape, are too numerous for us to accept 7 per cent of cases ever being prosecuted. That doesn’t make sense at all.””

We couldn’t agree more.

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