Apr 282008

From Women in Black:

“Ramallah, 28-04-08: “A sickening tragedy” was how Dr. Mustafa
Barghouthi MP, Secretary General of the PNI described the killing of a
mother and her 4 children in an Israeli military attack on the Gaza
Strip this morning. The deaths have brought the number of
Palestinians killed by the Israeli military since Annapolis to 418,
including 59 children.

Khadra Abu Moatiq and her children Musab (1), Hana’ (3), Saleh (4),
and Rudaina (6) were killed when an Israeli military artillery shell
tore through their home near Beit Hanoun. Two other Palestinians were
also killed in the attack, including 17 year-old Ayoub Atallah.

“The killing of innocent women and children in their homes is one of
the most shocking consequences of the siege and attacks on the Gaza
Strip, which the Israeli government is carrying out under the pretext
of security,? said Dr. Barghouthi. “But tell me who is safer now that
Khadra Abu Moatiq and her 4 young children are dead??”

Damned good question.

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