Mar 282008

From the Santa Rosa, CA Press-Democrat:

“A former U.S. Marine accusedof having sex with applicants at the Ukiah recruiting office has been ordered to pay $61,000 to a young woman he’s alleged to have victimized.

The judgment follows a Marine Corps agreement last year to pay $200,000 to two women who claimed the Corps violated their constitutional rights by ignoring sexual assaults on female recruits.

The sexual encounters alleged in the lawsuit also were a part of the 2005 courts-martial of Fukushima and Staff Sgt. Joseph Dunzweiler, both Santa Rosa-based recruiters.

Both men have since left the Marine Corps, which did not renew their contracts when they expired, according to court documents.

Most of the alleged incidents involved activities at the Ukiah recruiting center.

Witnesses at the courts-martial described a “frat house” atmosphere at the Ukiah recruiting center.

The case against Dunzweiler is pending, said the plaintiff’s Ukiah attorney, Barry Vogel.”

Kudos to the civilian court for taking action, but why is a  2005 courts-martial still pending?  I’m sure it couldn’t be yet another example of the military dragging its feet on sexual assault cases.

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