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LOS ANGELES, CA: More than a thousand women are expected to march and rally against the war in Los Angeles on March 8, 2008 (corner Broadway and Olympic, 10:30 am). Meanwhile, in NYC women and allies will be converging at Washington Square park for a Speak Out and Performance art to protest the war. These events are held to commemorate International Women’s Day.

March 8th Against the war is the call for this year’s International Women’s Day. The action is organized and coordinated by GABRIELA Network along with the initiating committee of the MA-AL. Dr. Enrile, National Chairperson of GABNet stated, “For too long the liberation of women has been used to legitimize the war. On March 9th, we stand together to declare that NO MORE will our just causes be used for such unjust actions.”

This March will mark the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq. By that time more than 4000 Americans will have been killed. More than one million Iraqis died it’s estimated that another one million will have died as a result of the sanctions since the first Gulf War. A majority of those killed have been women and children. Ironically, the Bush administration used women’s rights as one of its justifications for invading Afghanistan and Iraq, yet it is clear that women’s rights are being systematically eroded in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Women in Iraq – a country that had some of the most liberal laws in regards to women before the war, are afraid to leave their homes for fear of rape and kidnapping. Women in Afghanistan are still being terrorized and organizations such as RAWA are still forced to operate underground.

Women have formed the backbone of the anti-war movement and will do so again this International Women’s Day. “Women from all walks of life are marching to let their voices be heard,” Jollene Levid, an initiating committee member of the Mariposa Alliance stated, “We coming together to make sure there is no mistaking that women are tired of the impact of militarization on women and our families.”

The Los Angeles march is co-sponsored by: the A.N.S.W.E.R. Anti-War Coalition, Incite! Women of Color, Global Women’s Strike-Los Angeles, MIWON, and CODEPINK. The march is also being endorsed by: Korean Immigrant Workers’ Alliance (KIWA), Chapinas Unidas, American Friends Service Committee – LA (AFSC), KmB Pro People Youth, Justice for Filipino American Veterans, Students USC School of Social Work, US Labor Against the War, members of the Community Coalition, Khmer Girls in Action, Free Palestine Alliance, Kappa Psi Epsilon, UCSD Women’s Center. ####

In militant sisterhood…
GABNet Los Angeles

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  1. It’s good to see so many efforts to stop the war. Stopping a war can be a hugely difficult task, and it is important for people to keep pushing until it is done.

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