Jan 302008

This is why UNSC 1325 is SO important:

“Women have decried their exclusion from the ongoing mediation to end post-election violence.

The chairperson of the National Council of Women of Kenya (NCWK), Ms Isabella Karanja, said Kenya had ignored the United Nations Security Council resolution that supports women’s participation in mediation.

In 2000, the UN adopted resolution 1325, which stressed the importance of women’s involvement as active agents of peace and security.

“We are over 50 per cent of the population, but we have been marginalised and now we are requesting for an audience,” Karanja said.”

Meanwhile…Kofi Annan rides to the rescue, Condi is “deeply concerned” and the violence against women is invisibilized.

 January 30, 2008  Posted by on January 30, 2008

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