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The Saudis are continuing to piously justify the recent sentencing of a 19 year old victim of a gang rape to 6 months in jail and 200 lashes for iding in a car with men who were not her relatives, issuing the following statement, according to the Toronto Star.

“”We reiterate that judicial rulings in this virtuous country … are
based on God’s book and the traditions of his Prophet and that no ruling is issued without being based on evidence,” said the statement carried by official news agency SPA.”

More ominously, the court has said that if the woman appeals the sentence and continues to use the media to raise awareness of the case, it is possible that the sentence will be increased, giving the clear message that the Saudis also consider it a crime to shed light on their deeply misogynist laws.

“The woman’s husband has told local media they would appeal, even though the judge had warned that the sentence could be increased again if she loses the appeal.

The justice ministry noted that the law gives the right of appeal, but warned that “resorting to the media” could have “a negative effect on the other parties in the case.””

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  6 Responses to “Saudis Threaten Additional Sentence to Rape Victim if She Appeals”

  1. Amazing, isn’t it? The government of Saudi Arabia, meaning King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, is our friend, ally in “the war on terror.”

  2. I watched portions of a video sent to me online , the other evening. It showed instances of judicial punishments meted out by various Islamic countries and in particular , to women. I was sickened at what I saw. Some of the women were beaten on th street with whiping crops for having too much of an arm or ankle showing , which could have been the wind or a simple gesture.
    It became evident that the women in question were in the 70’s or 80’s.But the scenes of torture and beheadings wer simply barbaric. I believe most of the scenes were from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan , and Iran .Some had been filmed in secret. And we do busines with these people and permit them to open madrassas (Muslim schools)on this continent. China isn’t too far removed from their inherent violence , either.

  3. 24% of our country still believes in our Dear Leader. They also largely believe in theocracy. We, as a country, should support other theocracies and dictatorships because Dear Leader wants that and he speaks for God. Isn’t that in the constitution?

  4. PLEASE don’t rail against me because a lot to people in this country still believe that God stands by our appointed leader and that women are nothing more than property and baby factories.

  5. Is the United States that far removed from inherent violence? Abu Graibh, Guantanamo,Chicago prisons, and on , and on. Don’t kid yourself that ‘they’ are violent and we are ok.

  6. As an International Doctor, I have seen similiar instances in many countries of the world. It is indeed disheartening when we have a “president” who professes to be a Christian(which he isn’t) and who speaks out at every opportunity that the USA will not stand by when countries are guilty of human rights abuses.What a joke…So long as the country says it supports the war against terror (even if the terror is from within) Bush will give that country his blessings.I suppose that means that they also have God’s blessings since he communicates with God every day in the Rose Garden and God gives Bush directions.
    Until the people of this and other countries of the world stand up and throw off the yoke of tyranny and began to demand far and equal treatment, this type of treatment will continue.
    Send a message to your representatives as well as the White House and be counted.

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