Nov 132007

Stella Ramsaroop  has an excellent post on The Guyana Groove, responding to a Guyanan politician’s trivialization and misunderstanding of violence against women:

“In response to my column, one particular male politician said,“The sexual issue is because of economic situation where women sell themselves legally in order to get money to survive.?

Excuse me?

So the little girl who was just raped and murdered on her way home from school is because of prostitution? The mother who was recently stabbed and left for dead for hours in the dark with her children is because of the economic situation?

That same mother received “regular? beatings from her husband and Guyana’s economic situation had nothing to do with it.

There are fathers who rape their own daughters, men who kidnap girls and sell them into sexual slavery and beatings galore – every goddamn day – men beating their wives, girlfriends and children and grown men having sex with under-aged girls.

None of these horrific actions have anything whatsoever to do with the economic situation in Guyana. In one fell swoop, this politician trivialised the pain of Guyanese women and put his ignorance about this issue on display for all to see.”

Sadly, the politicians remarks could likely have been said by politicians in most countries.  Kudos to Ms. Ramsaroop for her excellent reply.

 November 13, 2007  Posted by on November 13, 2007

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