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I’m sure there is a perfectly good reason that the Defense budget includes money for research into breast and ovarian cancer….oh bother, no, actually I can’t think of any:

NATIONAL POLITICS & POLICY | Defense Spending Bill To Include $138M for DOD Breast Cancer Research Programs
[Nov. 12, 2007]

The fiscal year 2008 Defense spending bill, which recently was approved in Congress and President Bush is expected to sign, includes $138 million in funding for Department of Defense peer-reviewed breast cancer research programs, a $10.5 million increase over the FY 2007 appropriation, CQ Today reports.

Some proponents of the program have said it has allowed development of new methods of extracting breast cancer cells, studies of the interaction between genes and the environment in causing the disease, as well as Roche‘s breast cancer drug Herceptin. “This funding increase is a major victory for the continuation of innovative and significant breast cancer research,” Fran Visco, president of the National Breast Cancer Coalition, recently said in a news release, adding, “Across the nation, women and men with breast cancer and their families look to this program for cutting-edge cancer research.”

The bill also would provide $10 million for the agency’s ovarian cancer research program (CQ Today, 11/9).

Kudos to Our Bodies Our Blog for flagging this.

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  1. Thank you very much for this post. Yes, there is actually a perfectly logical reason to include monies for cancer research in the US Defense budget.

    You see, there is such great use of life-destroying, radioactive Depleted Uranium used at our military bases and proving grounds and National Weapons Laboratory sites (I’ve calculated that well over 450 tons of DU has been used on us here inside the US, which is even more than the US Army claims using in the first Gulf War on Iraq). There has been so much DU used, in fact, inside the US that many women – and men – are adversely affected by cancers from both the radioactive and chemical toxics used at these sites.

    It is only fair that our so-called “Defense” that works hard to sicken us… also have monies allocated in their budget in order to try to heal us from the horrendously malevolent illnesses they have caused – quite on purpose – upon our bodies.

    Cathy Garger

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