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If your understanding of what is happening in Myanmar/Burma boils down to thousands of marching monks in brightly colored robes, a military junta who is trying to stop them and one lone beloved, imprisoned woman who happens to be a Nobel Laureate, you are not alone. News reports make little mention of the many other women who are involved in this struggle. Yet as The Irrawaddy reports,

“Among the Burmese pro-democracy activists in hiding are many courageous and committed women who have played leading roles in the recent demonstrations against sharp price increases in fuel, which began on Aug 19.Authorities have been hunting down at least two dozen activists.

Pictures of leading activists, “wanted persons,” have been distributed to checkpoints in Rangoon and other cities.

The Irrawaddy is honored to profile a number of these exceptional women activists who are on the front lines in the struggle for democracy in Burma .”

Please follow the link to read the complete profiles of these women, but we name them here because it is so important that their lives and their work be a visible part of this struggle. The women profiled in the Irrawaddy article are:

Nilar Thein

Su Su Nway

Mie Mie

Phyu Phyu Thin

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    1. There are no words to express the horror we all feel about what has been taking place in Myanmar. I want to thank all of those courageous people who have sent photographs and e-mails to the world to allow us to see how their unelected government is treating them.

      We all hope that the day soon comes from Aung San Su Chi is given the power she was elected to use for governing the country.

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