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Here is an excellent report on ways that corporations can and do help employees who are victims of domestic violence. Lynn Harman, Corporate Counsel for Harman International has this view,

“I cannot for the life of me understand why every corporation in America doesn’t do this,” Harman said. “It’s inexpensive. It’s simple. The sense of well-being employees have knowing their companies care enough to do this is not something you can buy. After every training, we get thank-you notes from employees.”

Also interesting to note,

“Eleven states allow companies to get protective orders.

Twenty-eight states have laws that extend unemployment insurance protection to people who leave their jobs because of domestic violence and eight states have laws that grant leaves to workers who must miss work for reasons relating to abuse.”

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  1. For help on creating a workplace program to address domestic violence, go to the website of the Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence at

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