Aug 272007

As if what we’ve posted to this blog in the last week isn’t bad enough, here are 2 more horrific stories about what is happening to women in Iraq.

The Taipei Times reports on the mind-boggling number of honor killings and suicides in Kurdish Iraq.  According to one of their sources, Aso Kamal, there have been 12,500 women murdered for reasons of honor or who have committed suicide in three Kurdish provinces since 1991.  There were 350 such deaths so far this year.
The Women’s Union of Kurdistan in Sulaimaniyah has recorded 83 cases of women burning themselves in the first six months of last year and 95 in the first half of this year.

But women trying to flee the region are, in a word, screwed.  According to the Hartford Courant, Iraqi law requires that women must have permission from a male relative to obtain a passport, a requirement, that aside from being totally misogynist, is all but impossible for many women who have lost their male relatives to violence and war.  Passports can only be obtained in Baghdad, a journey that is far too long and dangerous for many women to make.

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