Aug 312007

Here is an excellent report on ways that corporations can and do help employees who are victims of domestic violence. Lynn Harman, Corporate Counsel for Harman International has this view,

“I cannot for the life of me understand why every corporation in America doesn’t do this,” Harman said. “It’s inexpensive. It’s simple. The sense of well-being employees have knowing their companies care enough to do this is not something you can buy. After every training, we get thank-you notes from employees.”

Also interesting to note,

“Eleven states allow companies to get protective orders.

Twenty-eight states have laws that extend unemployment insurance protection to people who leave their jobs because of domestic violence and eight states have laws that grant leaves to workers who must miss work for reasons relating to abuse.”

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Aug 302007

The Times (UK) has an exhaustive piece about the horrendous rates of femicide in India. While it may look like the quotes below are long, they are only a small part of the article and I highly recommend reading the entire article although I guarantee it won’t be an easy read. According to the article,

“Although sex-selection tests have been illegal in India since 1994, unwanted female babies are now being aborted on such a staggering scale that it is estimated India has lost 6 to 10m girls in the past 20 years, a large proportion of the abortions being carried out at five- to six-month term. While abortions have long been legal in India, choosing to terminate pregnancy because of the child’s sex is not. But such practice is now so widespread that some experts estimate the figure could soon rise to nearly 1m girls lost every year as a result of this “female foeticide?

One recent Unicef report estimated that that figure had already been far surpassed, with 7,000 fewer girls born in India every day because of sex-selective abortion – though this calculation has since been questioned – amounting to more than 2m “missing girls a year.”

It’s important to understand that,

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Aug 292007

The military has once again shown that it is not serious about stopping sexual assault in the ranks.  According to the Air Force Times:

“Staff Sgts. Brandon M. Donovan and Jonathon M. Fehl, of the 332nd Recruiting Squadron in Oak Ridge, Tenn., both pleaded guilty to multiple sexual misconduct charges at May 30 courts-martial. Both men were charged with wrongfully making sexual advances toward, or seeking or accepting sexual advances from an Air Force applicant and with adultery.

Both were reduced to E-1 and given a bad conduct discharge, and are now on appellate leave status while their cases are given customary reviews, according to Maj. Sean McKenna, an Air Force Recruiting Service spokesman.”

Um how about charging them with sexual assault and if the victim was underage, how about we call that statutory rape.  Continuing to punish these predators with reduced rank and discharge from the military instead of jail time will not reduce the risk of sexual assault faced by every woman and girl who is considering joining the military, is in the military, is related to or dating someone in the military.

And in the meantime, military recruiters continue to prowl the halls of our schools in search of prey courtesy of the No Child Left Behind Act…

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Aug 292007

Congragulations to Mary Pipher, author of “Reviving Ophelia” for receiving this week’s Buzzflash Wings of Justice Award for returning her Presidential Citation Award to the American Psychological Association after it refused to ban its members from participating in acts of torture aka interrogation.  Click here to read Pipher’s remarks.

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Aug 292007

This website keeps tabs of female members of the U.S. military that have died in Iraq. It also lists the cause of death–seems like a rather high number of non-hostile deaths for unspecified reasons listed, as well as several suicides.

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