Jun 262007

Many thanks to Lynette Dumble and Jennifer Drew for passing on this revolting report in London’s Daily Mail about  Judge Julian Hall who

“is at the centre of a storm over the “pathetically” lenient sentence he imposed after hearing that the girl had appeared much older than her age.The same judge caused uproar earlier this year by setting free another paedophile and telling him to give his victim money “to buy a nice new bicycle”.

However we should also be appalled at the Daily Mail’s characterization of the child molester in the second para. as a “paedophile”. We’ve said it before and we’re just going to keep on saying it. Someone who molests a child in any way is not a pedophile, which comes from the Greek word “paidophilos” which means “loving children”. How this word started to be used to refer to the rape and sexual assault of children is unclear, but it’s continued use is indicative of the level of child hatred in this world and is truly unacceptable.

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  One Response to “Sexually Assaulting a Child is NOT Pedophilia”

  1. I’m not in any way defending pedophilia, but -philia is also used in the word necrophilia, which has a very negative connotation and is not used to soften the concept, as far as I can tell. I understand using language to show problems like disrespect for children, but I don’t think the word pedophilia is a real case of that. I don’t think people consider pedophilia less horrible because of the etymology. Also, since pederasty was acceptable in ancient Greece, I wonder if paedophilios really did mean what we now call pedophilia.

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