May 312007

Ms. Magazine has long had a page at the end with ads that are blatantly sexist that they call No Comment.  In the same genre, here are 2 ads,  worthy of inclusion, but what the hell, call these folks and comment:

Andi Zeisler posted this on WIMN’s Voices:

Bitch reader Amy Pitts wrote in with a heads up on a new ad campaign from fancy messenger-bag peddler Timbuk2 that appears to play the rape of a teen for big yuks. Featuring a tear-stained, prom-dressed blond on one side of the page and a greasy, bewifebeatered guy on the left, the copy reads “Just like that jerk who stole your virginity, these bags are only around for a short time.? or or call them  at 1-800-865-2513.

And then there is a billboard in Glenview, IL that Christine C. flagged on Our Bodies Our Blog:

“a 10-foot-by-36-foot billboard advertisement for a local spa showing a supposedly flawless model lying on the beach with text identifying potential “problem” areas such as “cellulite and saddlebags” and “facial lines and wrinkles” along with “solutions” like “botox” and “lipodissolve.””

Unfortunately there is no contact info for these folks, but it’s probably findable on the web (but I’m running out the door, so you’re on your own).

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