May 302007

Call me cynical but…

According to Health Day,

“Premenopausal women who get a lot of vitamin D and calcium may cut their risk of breast cancer by almost a third, Harvard Medical School researchers report.”

Studies in animals have found similar results.  So maybe pre-menopausal women should get more calcium and vitamin D? Not so according to American Cancer Society epidemiologist Victoria Stevens,

“I really don’t think that one can say from this study that the effect is only in premenopausal women, because there are a number of factors in the study that may have limited the ability to see the effect,” said Victoria Stevens, an epidemiologist at the American Cancer Society. “This is particularly true for vitamin D, because most vitamin D comes from exposure to sunlight, which they did not take into account.”

Um, given that the downside of taking vitamin D and calcium are  minimal, this seems peculiar coming from ACS, an organization that has no qualms about recommending chemotherapy that only helps a small percentage of those treated and has quite a few side effects and mammography which involves radiation, which is known absolutely to cause cancer and for which there is no safe level of exposure.  But I guess the vitamin D ad calcium lobbies don’t fork up as much money as the pharmaceuticals and manufacturers of mammogram equipment do.

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