Apr 262007

ABC's The View and 20/20 will be giving Alec Baldwin a platform to excuse
his abuse and to perpetuate the discredited theory of Parental Alienation
that gives custody to abusers and places women and children at risk of harm.


Go to http://www.stopfamilyviolence.org/463

to learn more and to send an urgent message to ABC before The View airs on
Friday morning!!

Thanks for your quick action on this.
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Apr 262007

I don’t have stats for the number of scripts that are written every year for other commonly prescribed medicines, but I just came across some jaw-dropping numbers relevant to the prescription of Hormone Replacement Therapy.  According to Medical News Today,  in 2000 62 million scripts were written for Premarin and Prempro, the 2 most commonly prescribed HRT drugs.  The number fell to 47 million in 2002 and by 2005, only 18 million scripts were written.
In plain English, the medicalization of menopause has put a staggering number of women at greater risk for breast and other cancers.  And meanwhile the pharaceuticals continue to rake in the profits…

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Apr 252007

Amnesty International has just issued an excellent report on the impact of sexual assault on indigenous American women. While much progress has been made in naming and addressing the problem of sexual assault against women in general (albeit with much remaining to accomplish), the specific harms and context relative to American Indian and Alaska Native tribes is rarely addressed and little understood. This report goes a long way in addressing these issues. The introductory editorial for the report begins with this quote from activist Sarah Deer,

“The right to exist in a world free from violence is a basic tenet in many indigenous cultures and governments. The epidemic of sexual violence perpetrated against Native American women in the United States reflects a fundamental breakdown in the cultural and legal norms that have served to provide protection to Native women from time immemorial.?

In addition, AI has posted an excellent commentary by Monica Aleman which reads in part,

“For Indigenous women, historical and contemporary experiences of genocide, in combination with gender discrimination, give rise to multiple forms of gender-based violence. Today, global patterns of ongoing colonization and militarism; racism and social exclusion; and poverty-inducing economic and “development” policies generate human rights violations against Indigneous women, including gender-based violence.

These phenomena — like the multiple identities that shape each woman’s experience of violence and her strategies of resistance — are interactive and mutually reinforcing. This reality demands an “integrated analysis” of violence against women, one that recognizes both the near-universality of sexual violence and the specificity of violence perpetrated on the basis of distinct, but overlapping, identities, such as gender and Indigenous status.?

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Apr 252007

As Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai has taught us, trees are an important part of the peace equation.  Jane Goodall weighs in on deforestration in an essay about species extinction,

“The irony of cutting down forests for biofuels is that forests store a significant fraction of the world’s stocks of carbon. If these carbon-capturing trees are felled and burned – whether as firewood or to clear land – the oxidation of their carbon will release billions more tons of carbon dioxide. The tropical rainforests of Africa, Latin America and South Asia are particularly important in this regard.

Tropical deforestation contributes 2 billion tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere annually, compared to approximately 6 billion tons from burning fossil fuels. Saving these forests would not only prevent the release of carbon currently stored in them, but it also would allow them to continue absorbing carbon in the future.”

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