Mar 292007

The following makes so much sense, I’ll completely understand if you think I’m making this up (but I’m not):

Taiwan Vice President Annette Lu is campaigning for president on a feminist plank.

According to an interview with the Associated Press,

“She said she would craft a feminism-based China policy emphasizing respect, cooperation and love, rather than competition and conflict.

“The idea of feminism is not an idea to compete or to take over others,” said Lu, who hopes to receive her party’s nomination in May and win next year’s general election.”

She goes on to say that,

“(I)t is time for a new generation of leaders to dump the historical baggage left by Mao and Chiang.”

“Both Mr. Mao and Mr. Chiang have left the Earth,” she said. “Let the people on Earth solve the problem with our new vision and new approaches.”

The vice president also said the concept of “independence versus unification” is outdated and unhelpful when trying to improve relations. She said the two sides should focus more on peaceful coexistence, economic cooperation and co-prosperity.”

Hillary, are you listening???

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  1. This is incredible news!!! Yay for feminist politicians! :)

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