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From The Organisation for Women’s Liberation-Iran:
No to women’s oppression

8th March is a day against women’s oppression. On this day, people through out the world have protested and shown their hatred of gender discrimination, violence and inequality. They have achieved gains too. However, women every where still suffer inequality. In parts of the world women are denied their basic rights and live under medieval, religious,
backward and reactionary laws and values. This is why women all over the world gather on this day to claim their rights and declare that the world is not free unless women are free.

The movement for women’s liberation in Iran has been struggling for its basic rights for nearly three decades. This movement is struggling under one of the most anti women regimes in the world that has imposed medieval male chauvinist laws and Islamic culture and traditions. Women’s liberation movement in Iran is gaining momentum and is undermining the Islamic regime of capital. The youth movement is demonstrating the modern and progressive character of this movement in particular.
8th March is an important international and historical day. At the same time it occupies a vital position in women’s liberation movement in Iran. The first resistance against the Islamic regime was on 8th March 1979. It was registered as a day of resistance and protest. We are going to celebrate International Women’s Day by organising gatherings, demonstrations and declaring “NO to women’s oppression!? “No to the veil!?, “No to gender apartheid?, and “Long live women’s liberation?. These are the demands of the movement for women’s liberation. Let’s try and throw out the veil and break the wall of gender apartheid, and by doing this shake the foundations of the Islamic regime. Let’s declare that we will not stop until our demands are met.
On the occasion of 8th March, the movement for women’s liberation in Iran demands:

1. Abolition of all discriminatory laws (economic, social, political and cultural).
2. Complete equal economic, social, political and cultural rights between men and women.
3. Equal right of women in family, marriage, divorce,
custody of children and inheritance.
4. Freedom of clothing.
5. Abolition of gender apartheid.
6. The right to participate in national and international
7. Combating violence (domestic and state) against
8. No war, no nuclear bombs!

We strive to organise public meetings to raise the banner of
freedom and equality. Support us. Join us.

The Organisation for Women’s Liberation-Iran

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