Feb 262007

Despite Dubya’s fantasy liberation of women in Afghanistan, a new report illustrates how truly delusional that  story line is.  According to IRIN,

“Every 28 minutes a woman dies in Afghanistan during childbirth. 54 percent of Afghan children are born stunted. The fertility rate in Afghanistan is the world’s second highest at 7.5 children per woman, according to UNDP’s 2006 Human Development Report.”

With 6,500 maternal deaths per every 100,000 live births, Badakshan province has the highest maternal mortality rate in the world and Afghanistan as a whole has the 2nd highest maternal mortality rate of any country, second only to Sierra Leone., according to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

According to the report, “Many of the locals said the women gave birth by the river bank during the summer and in the animal sheds during the winter.”  Local officials say that hospitals and clinics are not enough, doctors and midwives are desperately needed as well.

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