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Last week I wrote a post questioning the National Organizaton for Women’s enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton’s candidacy while at the same time denouncing the war. Below is a press release from Code Pink that puts Clinton on notice that being a woman isn’t enough. NOW, are you listening?

JANUARY 29, 2007
1:29 PM
To Hillary re Iraq: If You’re in to Win, Stop the Spin
CODEPINK: Women for Peace asks Sen. Clinton to dismantle her web of war
WASHINGTON – January 29 – WHEN: Tuesday, January 30, 2007, 10 AM

WHERE: Russell Building 476, Washington, DC

WHAT: In the aftermath of Senator Clinton’s announced presidential bid, the women’s peace group CODEPINK will bring a vibrant, visual display of Hillary Clinton’s web of war directly to her Senate office building. The display will weave together the Senator’s conflicting statements both supporting and opposing the war in Iraq. Activists will wrap Clinton’s office in pink ribbon representing a web of war, weaving themselves inside her web. CODEPINK will bring Clinton a large pair of pink scissors to cut the spin and take a clear position against the war.

“We met with Hillary Clinton right before the war, begging her to oppose the invasion but she refused. She gave Bush the green light to invade Iraq and now pretends she was against the war,? said CODEPINK cofounder Jodie Evans. “Worse yet, she still refuses to take a clear position to defund the war and bring the troops home.?

“We’re tired of the lies, the obfuscations, the spin,? said CODEPINK cofounder Medea Benjamin. “If Hillary wants to become president, she better start being a leader. If she’s in to win, she better stop the spin.?

“This country is hungry for leaders who will get us out of Iraq. We’ll be giving Hillary a chance to cut her web of war and join the majority of people in this country who want to bring the troops home,? said Gael Murphy of CODEPINK.

CODEPINK has been calling on Hillary to take a clear anti-war position for years. The group started a Listen Hillary campaign (www.listenhillary.org ), tracking her statements and bird-dogging her as she makes appearances throughout the country.


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