Dec 172006

Many thanks to Jennifer Drew for allowing us to post her excellent commentary about the recent murders of women in the U.K.


The media’s search for ever more sensational ‘news’ remains unabated
here in the UK. These women who were so brutally murdered by a man/men
continue to be referred to as ‘prositutes, tarts, working girls etc.’ has just published a serious and
well-considered article wherein they state that using so-called
professional criminologists reinforces a widespread myth that the reason
this man/men murdered these women was because he/they had experienced
some ‘slight’ from a woman or rather his mother!! Misogyny is never
far away when such cases occur. Continue reading »

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Dec 162006

Many thanks to Jennifer Drew for passing along this heinous idiocy. I would comment further but I cannot think of anything that can be remotely expressed in civilized language:

The BBC once known as a respected and objective organisation has sunk to
a new low in its battle for ratings. A programme entitled ‘The Verdict’
is due to be screened in February, 2007 wherein twelve
supposed celebrities will be asked to deliberate in a fictionalised
rape trial. Continue reading »

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Dec 162006

The following is from E-Zan volume 31 from the Women’s forum Against Fundamentalism in Iran:

State-run News Agency ISNA – November 21, 2006 Ayatollah Safi-Gholpaygani in an interview with the news agency said: “It is truly shameful to see women participate in sports such as mountain hiking. Instead they must participate in competitions to promote the Islamic values.” On the issue of women’s employment, he added: “We must not be proud of having women participate in the Councils. Women must stay home and take care of the household affairs, that is their job and they should not consider themselves as unemployed because they are working at home. Women’s chastity is important and homes are the place to protect that.”

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Dec 162006

Family Violence Prevention Fund — Legal Momentum — National Alliance to End Sexual Violence — National Coalition Against Domestic Violence — National Network to End Domestic Violence — National Organization of Sisters of Color Ending Sexual Assault

News Release Contact: Lisa Lederer
December 15, 2006 202/371-1999
202/421-5825 (m)

Anti-Violence Advocates Alarmed that Immigration Raids
Violate Human Rights, Tear Apart Families with Children

WASHINGTON, DC – Leading national domestic and sexual violence experts are raising serious concerns about potential violations of human rights in the aftermath of raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents on meatpacking plants in six states Tuesday. Advocates for victims of violence are reporting inhumane treatment of those who have been detained, with some parents being separated from newborns and not being allowed to relay information about children with serious medical conditions.

The largest immigration raid in U.S. history resulted in the arrests of close to 1,300 people who work at Swift meatpacking plants in Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Texas and Utah on December 12. Many are now being held at a National Guard facility near Des Moines, or being bused to similar facilities in Atlanta. In the first days after the raids, advocates for victims of violence, clergy and others who tried to see the detainees were turned away.

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Dec 152006

The women of Fiji are an inspiration!


Subject: [pacwin] Friday 14 December 2006

Friday 14 December 2006
Suva, Fiji Islands

They gathered in silence. Close to 40 women and young women at the Holy
Trinity Anglican Cathedral in Suva, symbolizing a collective commitment to
non violence:

“I need to reiterate that non-violence does not mean passivity, but as
women¹s peace groups around the world have exemplified, it is a creative and
courageous way of living. In our own Pacific region ­ in Bougainville and
the Solomon Islands women have walked across the barriers of conflict to
negotiate peace ­ to bring about disarmament and assist in enabling peace
talks, and the revival of our Suva vigil, which will continue on a weekly
basis, is a symbolic gesture of how we can come together from our differing
social and political backgrounds, in unity for sustainable peace for Fiji,”
says Peace Vigil facilitator, Sharon Bhagwan Rolls, the Coordinator of

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