Dec 172006

Many thanks to Jennifer Drew for allowing us to post her excellent commentary about the recent murders of women in the U.K.


The media’s search for ever more sensational ‘news’ remains unabated
here in the UK. These women who were so brutally murdered by a man/men
continue to be referred to as ‘prositutes, tarts, working girls etc.’ has just published a serious and
well-considered article wherein they state that using so-called
professional criminologists reinforces a widespread myth that the reason
this man/men murdered these women was because he/they had experienced
some ‘slight’ from a woman or rather his mother!! Misogyny is never
far away when such cases occur.

The BBC news website has now announced that one of the young women
murdered was three months pregnant! Although the Assistant Chief
Constable of Suffolk says this has no relevance to the case, one has to
ask why then was this publicly disclosed.

Doubtless the media will twist this around to show that not only was
the young woman a feckless ‘prostitute’ but she also endangered the
life of a man’s (sic) unborn child by still persisting in selling her
body to male buyers. To date there has been no criticism of men’s
belief in their right of buying women’s bodies for their sexual
gratification, instead the whole focus has been on these young women’s
lives who are now judged to be desperate drug addicts who deliberately
put their own lives at risk by engaging in prostitution. So, clearly
these young women were partially responsible for a man/men murdering
them, not that society has once again failed these young women and
also other women who because they have experienced male sexual abuse,
poverty or other complex difficulties have no option but to resort to
working in prostitution just to survive.

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