Nov 262006

This was sent to us by Gila Svirsky, please forward widely.

This petition is part of the campaign of Israeli peace organizations called
“GAZA: Stop the Siege! Stop the War!”

To the Israeli government and world leaders:
The situation in Gaza has reached emergency levels – inadequate water,
electricity, and medicine; widespread hunger, poverty, and unemployment;
schools and other services rendered inoperative; constant bombardments and
attacks by the Israeli military.

This humanitarian catastrophe is man-made: It was brought on by the ongoing
siege of the Gaza Strip by Israel and the sanctions imposed by the
international community on Palestine, made worse by repeated IDF attacks.
If this situation continues, we will see spreading disease, malnutrition,
and more violence. Under these conditions, negotiations – the only way to
reach peace between both peoples – also become an impossibility.

We call upon Israeli leaders to end the siege of and war on Gaza. We call
upon world leaders to end the political and economic sanctions of Palestine.

The siege and sanctions are sowing chaos and death in Gaza. They must come
to an end.


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 November 26, 2006  Posted by on November 26, 2006

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